Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism sex has become common in the modern world. People are looking for innovative ways to make their intimate life more interesting. For that reason, they are engaging in bed restraints sex. This sex accessory allows users to explore and adventure the feeling of bondage intimacy. Sex bed restraints help enhance healthy and secure sex life. The industry of bed restraints manufacture has expanded and brought different designs of bed restraints to ensure users’ comfort.

Types of Sex Bed Restraints

Under-the-bed restraint is the most common class in the market, with straps that go under an individual’s mattress, thus the name, under the bed straps. The design allows the user to utilize the restraint without needing bedposts or a headboard. The under-bed straps class has two major restraints: the X-type and the dual straps. The two types have varying features that make their functionality different.

1. The X-type restraint

These sex bed restraints have an X strapping design, as the name indicates. The restraint comes with four straps that connect to a single focal point. The interception point goes beneath the mattress, while each strap goes to the user’s legs and arms. The strap’s length can adjust to enhance loosening and tightening to the user’s desired length. Since the straps intercept at one point, it becomes easy to put that focal point part under the mattress. This type of restraint is ideal for any user and allows the comfort of the individuals during an intimate session.


  • The restraint has an adjustability feature that allows loosening and tightening of the straps.
  • The X-type bed restraints are ideal for any bed size.
  • Once the intimate session is over, individuals can put the straps under the bed, which saves time since they don’t have to install them the next time they need them.


  • Setting up the X-type restraint can be tricky since one has to position each stray at its position and the X focal point lying perfectly underneath the mattress.

2. Dual straps restraint

The dual straps bed restraint comes with two pairs of straps, which are not connected. The top set of straps attaches to the cuffs that secure an individual’s wrists, while the bottom set attaches to the cuffs that secure that particular individual’s ankles. To set up the double straps restraints, one must lift the top and bottom ends of the mattress and put in the straps. The distance between the two sets of straps is not adjustable. Therefore, if the user is tall, the cuff may be too near to each other; if the user is short, the cuff distance will be too big.


  • Installing the dual strap bed restraint is straightforward


  • One cannot adjust the distance between the cuffs
  • One must remove the straps of the bed after use and install them during the next session


Sex bed restraints make intimate sessions feel sensual and interesting. People love restraints since they allow their partners to have fun the best way they desire. One must choose the restraint type that best suits them to allow their partner’s comfort even when restrained.

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