Step by Step Configuration Process for Openfiler as Shared Storage in VMware Machine

In this article, you will get to know the Step by Step Configuration Process for Openfiler as Shared Storage in Virtual Machine.

In Previous article, we looked at the Step by Step Installation process for Openfiler as Shared Storage.

We can configure the Openfiler in two ways either CLI which is Command line Interface or GUI which is Graphical User Interface. In this Scenario we will the GUI based configuration which makes our task easier to manage all the things properly.

Before starting the Configuration we will look into our direct console page.

We can see our Web Administration GUI address is but this is GUI address so we can not login from this Openfiler appliance.

To login we will create our RAC first Node and from there we will configure the SAN storage and also our RAC first node.

Login page of Openfiler

There are Various Prerequisites which you need to be taken care before you are installing RAC nodes.

  1. You Should  have the ISO image downloaded as per you requirement, I am using Oracle Entreprise Linux version 6.4.
  2. You should give at least 3GB of RAM to each nodes.
  3. At least two network adapter should be present which we will use as Public and Private Network.
  4. Make sure you will give the processor as per you requirement, I will give 1 processor which is sufficient for each nodes.
  5. Make sure you will give enough Hard Disk space to create all the required partitions which stores the data. Here I will give 80 GB of space to each nodes.

If you want the same OEL 6.4 version image, please let me know in the comment section, I will help you  to get the ISO image.

We have Created our Both the nodes for Oracle RAC Installation and from node 1st I will perform the step by step Openfiler Configuration.

1) First we need to start all the nodes.

2) We need to setup the IP Address entries in each nodes inside /etc/hosts file, I have used below entries.

###PUB-IP rac1 rac2

###PRIV-IP rac1-pri rac2-pri

###VIP rac1-vip rac2-vip

###SCAN-IP rac-scan rac-scan

3) Now we are all set, Open the firefox from node 1 to configure the Openfiler for RAC setup.

Command :- firefox

Put you openfiler IP address in above command.

4) When you will login through above IP address you will get below output.

openfiler storage login page

5) Now you need to login with your username and password in the Openfiler Storage Control Center.

By default below is the Username and Password.

Username= Openfiler

Password= password

When you will login Successfully then you will get you admin page where you will get all the information related to your file-system, CPU utilization, Memory Usage and so on.

Admin Page of Openfiler

Memory Utilization and Mounted File-system Information.

Memory Utilization and Filesystem

6) Now we need to add all nodes which are going to share the storage together, for that click on the System tab and under Network Access Configuration and add all the nodes.

Put all the nodes, Public IP Address, Netmask and Type should be as Share.

Network Access Configuration

7) Now we need to Create Volume for that click on Volume tab.


Click on the “Create New Physical Voulmes” link.

Create a new physical volume

You will get your all the Volumes below, Now we need to click on the second one /dev/sdb to create the partition which has 80Gb of Space.

Block Device management

Click on the below Create Button to create the physical volume.

Create Partition

Now you can see below partition has been created and it is in In Use.

Partition Created

Now you need to click on the Manage Volume tab then give the name of the volume, check the physical volumes to add tab and then click on Add volume group.

manage volume

Next step is to start the iSCSI service for that Click on the below Services tab and then enable the iSCSI target and start the service as well.

ISCSI Service Started

Now again click on the below Volumes tab then click on Add Volume tab.

Volume Creation

Now create a volume in Volgroup by adding below details and click on Create button.

Create a volume in volgroup

Now we need to perform the Lun Mapping task for that click on iSCSI Targets tab then under Target Configuration Just click on Add button.

Now Click on the Lun Mapping tab and click on Map button.

map the lun

Now the last step is to allow both the nodes to share the SAN storage.

You need to click on the Network ACL tab then change the Access status from deny to Allow. 

Network Access Control

Please watch the below Video of Step by Step Configuration Process of Openfiler as Shared Storage in VMware Machine.

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