Startup stages of database “Nomount” , “Mount” , “Open”

In this article you will get to know the idea about the Startup stages of database “Nomount” , “Mount” , “Open” in Oracle.

There are three Startup stages of database in Oracle which are as follows below: –
Stage 1) No mount stage: –  In this stage, Oracle reads pfile(parameter file) or spfile(server parameter file) to make the instance up and running.
Instance: – SGA(System Global Area)+Background Process
Note:- In this stage, the only instance will up and running not database.
Location of pfile and spfile: – ORACLE_HOME/dbs
Example: –
Startup stages of database
Stage 2) Mount stage: – In mount stage, Oracle reads the “Control File” to make the database in mount stage.
Example: –
Stage 3) Open stage: –The final stage is the open stage. In this stage user can connects to the database to perform their activity.
Example: –

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