In your busy day, a pressure washer can be your best tool to help you do a wide range of tasks within a short time. The jobs might include cleaning an old wood deck in a few minutes. If you mishandle the pressure washer, it can destroy your wood deck to smithereens by blasting it. If mishandled, the machine can do the same for any wood surfaces, fence, or siding. Boosting your engine pressure to more than 80 times above the garden hose will cause serious body damage.

How to clean a deck suing a pressure deck in five simple steps

The procedure also applies to removing oil stains from driveways. It also washes the house siding and cleans outdoor furniture. If you don’t have your pressure washer, you can rent one for a day to have the work done. The cost per day to hire the machine is around $40.

Step 1

Safety is key. Despite the huge benefits, these pressure washers also cause many injuries. For example, the lacerations lead to serious infections if the concentrated sprays get into the muscle tissue. You should have sturdy footwear, goggles, and long pants. Please don’t use any jeweler or loose clothing since they can drag you into the spray path.

Step 2

Thorough site preparation. Get rid of all items on or around the deck, especially the delicate and fragile ones. Sweep the loose debris and leaves to reveal the tough stains that the tree sap or mildew left behind.

Step 3

Use the deck cleaner to loosen the embedded dirt. Do this if the deck is lightly soiled; if not, skip this step. Fill the soap dispenser with the required detergent or cleanser. You may have to wet the surrounding plants with clean water before and after cleaning. The pressure mixes the water and the cleanser by itself. Install an appropriate nozzle to power the machine. Distribute the cleaner on the entire deck using long strokes that overlap.

Step 4

Here, you take a hard brush to work on the tight corners and between the railings. To limit streaking, don’t allow the detergent to dry.

Step 5

Fix the widest spray and start washing your deck using sweeping motions. Keep the nozzle two feet away from the surface and only closer if it’s a must. Don’t move more than six inches closer to the surface because you will damage the wood. When done, pull the machine trigger to release the excess pressure. Drain the waterline completely.

After cleaning your deck, you might need to reapply a protective wood stain. The solid stains last longer on the surface. The semi-transparent ones are not durable and allow some stains to be visible.


You need a pressure machine to help you do your cleaning in minutes. The same process you have used on your deck is the same process you will apply to anything else you wish to clean. For example, cleaning the house, siding, and outdoor furniture. Remember to uphold the safety standards when using the machine to prevent injuries. You will also protect the surfaces you clean from damage.

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