Guest additions installation on Oracle Enterprise Linux 8.1

In this article, we will understand the step by step Guest additions installation on Oracle Enterprise Linux 8.1. To complete this configuration we need to follow below steps.

So now let’s start the step by step configuration.

Installation of Oracle Virtual Box: –

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Link: – Oracle Virtual Box Installation

Installation of Oracle Enterprise Linux 8.1: –

Please use below link to see the step by step installation of Oracle Enterprise Linux 8.1: –

Link: – Oracle Enterprise Linux 8.1 Installation

Installation of Virtual Box Guest additions: –

After configuration of OEL 8.1 we need to install the Virtual Box Guest additions so that workstation will work properly.

After Installation below things will work properly.

1) Screen will open in full mode.

2) You can share the folder between Physical and Virtual Machine.

3) Time zone will automatically set after guest box configuration.

4) You can easily move cursor from your Physical and Virtual Machine.

Step 1) Open the “machine” and go to “Setting” section.

Open Machine and go to setting

Step 2) Go to the below options to add VBoxGuestAdditions.iso

Storage—> Controller: IDE—> Adds optical drive —> Add VBoxGuestAdditions.iso

Virtual Box Guest additions on OEL 8.1

Step 3) Start the Virtual Machine to do the configuration and run command “df –h” to check whether mount point has been added or not.

VBoxGuestAdditions ISO mount point has been added


We can see from above output that mount point has been added successfully.

Step 4) Login as root user and go inside the VBoxGuestAdditions directory to execute  the below command.

Command: – sh

Issues while Installing Virtual Box Guest additions: –

When I ran above command to install the VBoxGuestAdditions then I am getting below error, to know the exact error we need to check the logfile.

getting modprobe error while Virtual Box Guest additions on OEL 8.1

Now we need to check this file /var/log/vboxadd-setup.log file to check the exact error.

After checking the logfile I found that one of the below RPM is not installed due to which we got modprobe error.

 RPMS’s: –

libelf-dev, libelf-devel, elfutils-libelf-devel

exact error

Step 5) Now I am going to install only this elfutils-libelf-devel because all are not mandatory.

For Installation, We need to go the RPM location first.

Location of RPM’s: –


Execute command to install the RPM: –

rpm-ivh elfutils-libelf-devel-0.176-5.el8.x86_64.rpm

When I ran above command then I got below another issue, first we need to install the zlib package after that we can install elfutils-libelf-devel package.

zlib package is required

To install zlib RPM we need to run below command.

Command: – rpm –ivh zlib-devel-1.2.11-10.el8.x86 64.rpm

Both RPM has been installed successfully.

both RPM has been installed

Step 6) Now again need to run the command to install the VBoxGuestAdditions.

We can see from the below output that VBoxGuest Additions has been successfully Installed.

Now reboot the server so that all settings can take place.

Virtual Box Guest additions on OEL 8.1

Step 7) Now we are able to see the full screen and share folder mount point as well.

Virtual Box Guest additions on OEL 8.1

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Conclusion: –

We have successfully understood  how we can install the Guest additions in our machine, RPM’s which needs to be install and Issues during the installation of guest additions.



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